Angiography RTG Lab, Gdańsk (Poland)


Business: Construction market
Client: Copernicus Siemens
Delivered Date: 2014
Project Scope Reconstruction of an object in the design – build along with providing equipment and supply Artis X-ray Siemens Cee Ceiling (public order)

About project:

The 08.2014-12.2014 period saw adaptation of premises of the Therapeutic Radiology Laboratory in the design-build system, including delivery and installation of a Artis Zee Ceiling X-ray device made by Siemens.

The scope of work included the construction part, provision of equipment and furniture, as well as of the following installations: sanitary, ventilation and air conditioning, medical gases, electrical and teletechnical.

It also included execution of the construction and the design projects, including permanent X-ray protection shields, according to all agreed details.

This project was executed according to the requirements for public orders co-funded from European funds.