Company Penta

Company Penta

The company Penta specializes in construction work, also in the equipment and interior outfitting . We provide our products for the construction, maritime and offshore market.
Improving working methods, PENTA builds on the experience and skills gained during the implementation of projects with a high degree of complexity for international companies.
The projects are always created according to the expectations of our customers and complete technical documentation.
We are in able to conduct a comprehensive project being monitored at each stage of its implementation.
Comprehensive, long-term experience and skills of employees, allow both effectively implement business goals and provide professional projects service. Our employees have building qualifications, which allow to ensure projects are effectively managed them.
Our success in relationships with clients is based on professionalism and the highest quality of service.
During the implementation of projects we pay full attention to detail of execution.
We combine high standards set up in the industry with precision.
Our priority is reliability, integrity and punctuality, according to the motto of the company:
PENTA, the best solutions on time.

Our experience:

  • managing the process of tendering and negotiating contracts,
  • carrying out work in the system design-built in terms of construction and interior decoration,
  • getting all expert opinions and authorities evaluations and obtain certifications of products by ourselves,
  • overseeing the project, also in the area of ​​public procurement;
  • optimization of the work, look for low-budget solutions,
  • technical acceptance and obtaining permission to usufruct.